Danielle & Josh November 12, 2017 | Deerfield Beach, FL Wedding Photographers

**Please note – the pictures in this blog are highlights from Danielle & Josh’s day.  It is concentrating on them and their story. All final, edited images will be delivered to Danielle & Josh approximately 12 weeks from their wedding date.

I met Danielle through a Facebook group.  As with all of our brides, I liked her immediately.  She’s funny, caring and fiercely loyal.  She is such an amazing person and I knew her day would be a fun one to capture.  I was not wrong.  We had a nice, relaxing morning getting ready.

In the meantime, Steve was hanging out with Josh…

It’s getting real.  Danielle – you are so beautiful.

Danielle chose to do a first look with her father…

She was crying.  He was trying to help her stop.  🙂

It’s go time!

The new Mr. & Mrs!

The foggy lens look brought to you courtesy of ocean water and wind!

Party time!

Getting Danielle bustled for the reception.  This bustle was sooooooo confusing but easy to do once we figured out the combination.  It was all ribbons and loops tied on the underside of the train.  It made so much more sense than the loops and buttons that always come undone (or rip) during dancing.  Danielle didn’t have to mess with her train or bustle at all the rest of the night.  And it looked beautiful!

See???  Look at that bustle!

This was a pretty epic moment of the night.  Josh’s niece and nephew fell asleep on the couch in the lobby.  Josh’s sister was sitting with them and missing the party.  So, Josh told one of the staff that they were moving the couch to be with them.  Josh was told he was not allowed to do that.  Josh said, “I’m not asking.  I’m telling.”  He and his brother then proceeded to move the couch – with the kids still asleep.

It was such a FUN party!!!

We planned to do a sunrise beach session the day after the wedding.  This is something all of us had been looking forward to.  The reception ended late and we didn’t get back to our hotel until after midnight.  I set our alarm for 4:30am.  We had plans to meet at 5:30.  At 5:30, we woke up to our hotel room phone ringing.  It was Danielle!  Holy….  Somehow, my phone had gotten turned off.  :/  So, Steve and I quickly got dressed and made a beeline to their hotel.  We arrived with plenty of time.  Thank God!  These pictures are amazing!  And it was so worth the early start time!

Look at how much the sky was changing.  Each second was different.  We LOVED the sunrise session and can’t wait to do another.

It was a pretty quiet morning, but we did have one photo bomber.  😉

Now – can we just take a minute to appreciate how GORGEOUS these last two photos are???  Steve did an amazing job!

Danielle & Josh – Thank you so much for allowing Steve and me to be a part of your day.  We love you both.  We look forward to watching your life unfold and wish you many years of love and happiness.  Thank you for being real people.  Enjoy your honeymoon!



Behind the Scenes:


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