Katie & Dominick | Disney Honeymoon Session | Orlando, FL Honeymoon Photographers

I met Katie through the Facebook group – let’s say it all together – DisBrides!  😉  We first met them last year in Magic Kingdom for their engagement session.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!!  The picture of Katie & Dom on Dumbo is one of my very favorite pictures.  Ever!

While we were on Long Island, I received a message from Katie asking if we would like to attend their wedding.  She and Dom were married the day after Erin & Paul.  Since New Jersey was on the way home, and we were driving and Katie & Dominick are some of our very favorite people, we of course, accepted.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Full Catholic mass.  Steve and i have not attended one in a very long time.  Both growing up Catholic, we have been to many.  This was simply beautiful.  The reception was amazing.  So much fun!

Cell phone wedding pictures…  😉

So, after the wedding, they honeymooned in Walt Disney World.  Where else would Disney fans honeymoon?  They spent a week there, then went on a week long Carnival cruise and then came back to Disney for one night at the Grand Floridian Resort.  They asked if we would like to join them for a fireworks cruise on their last night.  We don’t pass up any opportunity to spend time with Katie & Dom.  It’s always a fun time…

So, if you have ever wondered if you should do a fireworks cruise, DO IT!!  We have been invited on two in the past two weeks.  They are so much fun and such a unique way to watch the fireworks.

It was their two week anniversary!  🙂

They were listening very intently to the rules…

This picture is technically not perfect.  Not even close.  But you know what?  I don’t care!  This moment was absolutely hilarious and had all of us in hysterics.  We were all laughing so hard.  Dominick was trying to take the cork out of the bottle.  It came out unexpectedly.  It startled all of us.  Especially Dom!  so while it’s blurry – very blurry – it’s absolutely perfect with the memory attached to it!  🙂

Katie & Dominick –

Thank you SO MUCH for being such amazing people!  We are truly blessed to call you friends.  Although, I call you family!  Thank you for the invitation to the wedding.  We were so happy to celebrate with you.  Steve and I wish you much love and happiness in the years to come.  We love you!


Outtakes and behind the scenes…

There was a MAJOR storm that had blown in just before our session.  It was very windy and was not cooperating.  So, Dominick decided to help…

I spy…  A photographer trying to get out of the picture…  😉


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