Lynch Family | Apex, North Carolina Family Photographers

I met Christy on DisBrides.  I started following her story and we started chatting back and forth.  This is an amazing family and we are so honored they allowed us into their lives.  About a week before leaving for Erin & Paul’s wedding, I posted on my Facebook page, slightly joking, asking if anyone would want to watch our two dogs while we would be gone.  Christy immediately offered.  They have three dogs, a cat and three girls – including newborn twins.  I thought she was crazy for offering.  Then I met her and her family.

Christy & Jeff were kind enough to allow us to stay overnight on the drive to New York and on the way back to Florida.  Our time with them went by way too fast.  The night we stayed on our way back, we were up so late, talking.  We had hoped to leave by 11:00am the next morning to get back on the road.  We didn’t leave until after 5:00pm.  We just couldn’t leave.  We were enjoying our conversations.

Jeff spent quite a bit of time talking with Steve.  Jeff is a former US Army Sergeant.  He was in Iraq and wounded severely.  He has had over 100 surgeries.  Due to this, it has prevented them from having children on their own.  Christy & Jeff played a large part of having a bill passed to help wounded vets and their spouses have access to IVF.  You can read their story HERE.  They have also recently started a foundation for first responders and vets with PTSD.  It is to raise awareness of suicide among this group.  This is such an important cause.  Please visit their Facebook page HERE for more information.

Now – on to cute baby/family pictures!

The girls are identical.  Christy & Jeff had one egg implanted.  They found out they were expecting twins and Jeff called the doctor and told him he expected child support for the second!  😉

Ellie is on the left.  Emmie is on the right…

Yes – they ARE happy to be here!!!

I think CateLyn is the proudest big sister I have ever met!

Christy & Jeff’s first baby, LJ, passed away at just 3 days old.  He was such a beautiful baby and a huge part of the family…

Woody is Jeff’s service dog.  He is AMAZING!  And sooooo photogenic!

Christy is THE MOST laid back mother I have ever met.  Nothing phases her.  Nothing.  And the girls are the best girls.  All three of them.  I absolutely love this family!

Christy, Jeff, CateLyn, Ellie & Emmie –

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us into your family!  We are honored to call you family.  We really enjoyed our time with you.  It went by way too fast.  We look forward to seeing you, again.


Behind the scenes…

Jeff has LJ’s hand and footprints tattooed…

Steve the baby whisperer.  The girls loved him!  We now have nieces and Grace has new cousins!


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