Toni & Jason | Disney’s Boardwalk Engagement Session | Orlando, FL Engagement Photographers

Toni messaged me looking for a photographer for her engagement session at the Boardwalk.  She was looking for sunset/night photos.  Steve and I were very excited for this session.  It was a bit more out of the box for our normal sessions.  We could be a bit more creative.  We met Toni & Jason and immediately knew it was going to be a great session!  The fact that Jason is in the Navy was icing on the cake!

We had just arrived home from Erin & Paul’s Long Island wedding the same day.  We unpacked the car, Steve mowed the lawn, I caught up on e-mails and 2 hours later, we were driving the 65 miles to Disney!  Toni & Jason were so full of energy.  It was contagious!  I am sooooooo happy with the images we captured.

We started at the iconic Boardwalk wall…

I totally love this!  It was Jason’s idea.  It works…

I grabbed this from the end of the pier as Steve was taking the above photos and the photos below this with the lighthouse.  I think this is absolutely one my favorite photos I have ever captured.  I love the light.  I love the feel.  I love everything about it…

I couldn’t resist this.  And I had to yell at Steve to get out of the way!  😉

Toni & Jason have a house divided when it comes to hockey.  We still like them even though they’re not Blackhawks fan…

As we were making our way back to the Boardwalk, I realized EPCOT’s Illuminations was about to start.  We had to stop…

We were walking along the Boardwalk and came along the carnival games.  Lob a Lobster.  Ummmmm,…. HELLO!!!  Boston Bruins?  Lobsters?  PERFECTION!!!

“He’s her lobster!!!”  Sorry.  Friends reference…  Jason won a frog!

Toni & Jason –

We still don’t believe you have never taken professional pictures before.  We are pretty sure you have both been professional models.  Maybe in a previous life?  We had a great time with both of you.  We also enjoyed dinner.  It felt like we were with old friends.  Thank you so much for allowing us in your lives!  We are SO EXCITED to photograph your Disney wedding this November!  We wish you much love and happiness and hope you can laugh just as much in 17 years as you did for your session…



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