One or Two Photographers? | Destination Wedding Photographers

I have seen this same question asked often – “Is it worth it to pay to have a second photographer on our wedding day?”  While the ultimate decision is up to you, we feel this answer is always, YES!  Yes, depending on the photographer you choose to go with, it could be an additional expense.  That’s why we make it easy and come as a package deal.  ALL packages come with both Steve and me.  No need to choose between a bigger drink package for your guests or an additional photographer to capture once in a lifetime moments.

I had been thinking of writing this post for awhile.  It was solidified at our Sacramento wedding last weekend.  We were done with our wedding, just hanging out for a few last moments with our bride and groom.  The next wedding was starting.  The bride was alone.  Completely alone.  She needed a drink of water.  I went with her to hold her bouquet.  There were little moments not being caught *right before* she walked down the aisle – looking in the mirror, nervously looking at her bouquet, peeking out the window of the front door, etc.  Steve and I had to hold back and not take photos.  We looked and they had one photographer with an assistant who was outside capturing the bridal party.

Knowing that I have Steve with me, I am able to stay with the bride.  He is then able to stay with us for a bit and grab some additional photos, or, if the couple chooses, he hangs out with the groom.   I then stay with the bride until she walks down the aisle.  Steve hangs out in front to grab photos as she is walking in – and of her groom’s reaction (if the space allows for it).  So, yes, a second photographer is definitely a good investment.  If you have any questions, I would love to chat with you!

A rare picture of the two of us working together taken by our daughter…


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