Packard Family | Bremerton, Washington Family Photographer

As I stated in Andy’s Senior Session, I have known Rich my entire life.  I absolutely love Rich and Laura – even if Rich has made it a mission to pick on me endlessly!

Laura served for 20 years in the United State’ Navy on ships, primarily aircraft carriers.  Rich served for 23 years, also in the Navy, primarily on submarines.  Both are now retired.  During Rich’s service, he was on the USS Parche (SSN-683).  The Parche was officially decommissioned in 2005.  The sail is displayed in front of the Puget Sound Navy Museum.  If you are in the area, I recommend making a stop here.  The museum is very interactive and has alot of Navy history.  It was very educational walking through while talking to Rich and Laura about their service.

There is also a great park behind the museum that leads to the water.

Anna, you’re beautiful!

I absolutely love this family!  My family!  🙂

Honestly, Anna – beautiful!

Grace was an honorary sister while we were visiting.

Rich strikes a pose!  Working the camera at the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum!

Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture was pretty awesome.  They have some great exhibits.  It was part of our CityPass.

SNOW!!!  Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

I’m pretty sure this is my very favorite picture from the entire trip.  The mountains.  The snow.  The Packards.  Does it get any better?

Tasting snow is a must!

Just to show how deep some of the snow was.  The deepest was 106 inches.

Grace wanted snow.  Laura gave her some snow!  😉

Two goofy girls!

It was very windy.  Rich was helping to keep Andy’s hair from blowing away.  😉

Sibling love.

Fort Worden was the last stop during our trip.  I think this may have been my favorite stop.  There was so much to see.  There was the water, mountains, cliffs, beach, the fort itself, open grass, original buildings from when it was a fort.  The history was interesting to learn.  The fact that it is also where An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed was a plus.  😉

Packard Family – I love you all so much!  Thank you for asking me to spend the time with you.  We definitely need to not let so much time to pass in between seeing each other.  I can’t wait to get back to visit and bring Steve along next time.

Love you!


One thought on “Packard Family | Bremerton, Washington Family Photographer

  1. Great pictures of the Packard family. But you are a great photographer and of course great subject’s. Rich your family looks great.

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