Rachael & Troy’s Magic Kingdom Engagement Session | Central Florida Engagement Photographers

I met Rachael on DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary Facebook page.  We immediately clicked!  I could tell right away I liked her. She has a great sense of humor.  Even if it is at our expense for being Chicago Cubs’ fans (she is a White Sox fan).  However, we do have the same love of the Chicago Bears!

With their package, we offered an engagement session.  So, they chose Disney’s Magic Kingdom as their location.  Good choice! Leading up to the day, Rachael had messaged me saying she was nervous.  She and troy had never had professional pictures taken together.  They really had nothing to worry about.  They were like pros!

We started at Center Street…

smv_7671smv_7677mlv_8807 mlv_8810smv_7681smv_7685

We moved on looking for some shady spots.  It was such a bright day, but the weather was perfect!


The Teacups was a must on their list.  I must really like them, because I told them they could spin as much as they wanted.  I HATE spinning rides!  The ride stopped, but I had not.  It took a couple of minutes to get my bearings, again.  🙂

smv_7694 mlv_8828 mlv_8845 mlv_8858

Dumbo was next!

mlv_8870smv_7731 mlv_8873smv_7735smv_7739smv_7746 mlv_8889

Dumbo definitely calls for throwing the arms in the air!  😉

mlv_8909 mlv_8913

Another must was the Train Station by the Circus.  This is always one of our favorite spots.

smv_7755smv_7757smv_7760smv_7771 mlv_8935smv_7777smv_7783 mlv_8948 mlv_8953 mlv_8958 mlv_8962smv_7806 mlv_8967 mlv_8972smv_7808

Making our way around the park.  I love doors!

mlv_8976smv_7815smv_7821smv_7822smv_7835 mlv_8998 mlv_9001smv_7846 mlv_9019

Steve saw this wall and knew it had to be used!


Another of our favorite spots.  The lighting here is perfect!

smv_7901 mlv_9043 mlv_9053smv_7903smv_7917smv_7940 mlv_9058 mlv_9062 mlv_9068

We do our best to find out of the way, quiet areas.  We were so happy to find this one…

mlv_9079 mlv_9083smv_7952 mlv_9097smv_7959smv_7961smv_7966smv_7970smv_7989 mlv_9114 mlv_9123 mlv_9131smv_8005

Mickey pretzels?  Yes, please!!!


Rachael told us that she is completely in love with stuffed animals.  Soooo….  What is better than a wall of Mickey’s and Minnie’s?!


Mickey decided to join them outside!

mlv_9187 mlv_9189smv_8056smv_8058 mlv_9193smv_8059smv_8068

This is an inside joke…  😉


Rachael & Troy – we had SO MUCH FUN with you!  Thank you for spending the day with us.  We are really looking forward to your wedding day!  It will be here before we know it!  Now – we just need to decide which Cubs’ jerseys we will be wearing for your special day!  😉


Some outtakes and behind the scenes…

There were a TON of Cubs’ fans in the park!  We are EVERYWHERE!!!  🙂  This was Rachael’s reaction when one walked out of the door next to where we were setting up…


I spy Steve…


Before we started moving…


I have to become a contortionist on Dumbo!


This right here is what happens when our clients don’t do what I ask them to do!!!  I JOKE!!!  I was showing Troy what to do with his hand and Steve caught this.  It looks like I was going to hit Rachael.  I promise, no clients were injured during this session!



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