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I started this business 11 years ago (12 this coming March).  I have made many changes over the years.  Experience and being in the “trenches” will tend to do that.  I have gone back and forth with my wedding packages, spoken to many seasoned and trusted wedding photographers.  One main question I had was do I have hourly packages or do I provide all day wedding coverage?  There is good reason for both.  Then I brought Steve on to work with me.  This is something we have discussed in great length.  For us, it is an easy decision.  We prefer to do all day wedding coverage.  Of course, hourly is always available if needed, but that is not our preferred way to capture a wedding.

Here is why…

1.) We do not want couples or their family and friends keeping track of the time, constantly checking their watch.

2.) Weddings are stressful.  We honestly feel we should be your last concern.  We have found ourselves in the position of being peace keepers, time trackers, day of coordinators, boutonniere-pinner-oners, go-fers, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen…  And you know what?  WE LOVE EVERY MOMENT!

3.) Anything can happen at any time.  Anything.  Any time.  We have seen it.

4.) Our couples tend to be more relaxed knowing we are there to capture their story.  I firmly believe this shows in our pictures.

5.) And then, there is this following story…

We photographed Samantha & Vance’s wedding on Monday, October 17th at Walt Disney World (full blog to come soon).  I arrived at Sam’s room around 5:45am.  We did a full day of photography.  The wedding was at 10:00am.  Prior to the wedding day, we had met and discussed the day’s schedule.  They asked if they could use their included extra session as a bridal portrait session the day of after the reception.  Of course, we said yes.  We were very happy to do that.

So, we did a full wedding day.  Once the reception was done, we all met back at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.  We did a few pictures there and then hopped over to finish at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  We wanted to head out to the giant paddle wheel and also wanted to keep them in the air conditioning as much as possible.  As we were walking, Samantha stopped dead in her tracks.  I heard her say, “Is that Rapunzel?!”  I thought it couldn’t be, because characters are typically not at the resorts.  Especially not outside.  Then I saw the character attendant and knew she was probably correct.  And what a great eye, I may add.  Rapunzel was standing in between two horse drawn carriages and very hard to spot.

I happened to be carrying Samantha’s train.  She quickly grabbed it from me and started telling Anthony (the awesome videographer who happened to tag along to grab some more footage) to back up!  We went outside and sure enough, Rapunzel was there!  This is the result…

smv_3959mlv_3167 mlv_3169 mlv_3177smv_3970 mlv_3181smv_3980 mlv_3200 mlv_3205 mlv_3222 mlv_3229smv_3993

Rapunzel – “Do you know what today is?  IT’S THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!”


Now, can we guarantee something like this is going to happen every time?  Of course not!  BUT – if we had limited their hours, Samantha & Vance would certainly NOT have these images and memories!  Even a 10 hour package would not have covered this.  This happened at about hour 13+.  It was a long day.  Steve and I were both exhausted (and Steve had to work at Magic Kingdom the next day – where he saw some of the awesome family from this wedding!).  I have blisters on my toes.  My hand is in a permanent cramp.  My legs are soooooo sore!  But it is SO worth it for these moments!  I have said it before.  I know it sounds cheesy.  We absolutely LOVE our clients.  We are truly beyond blessed and so thankful with the people who have chosen us to capture their beginnings.

This truly was “THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!”

PS – Samantha’s hair and makeup?  It lasted ALL DAY!!!  The amazing Laura with Fairytale Hair and Makeup made sure Samantha was GORGEOUS for her wedding day!  And it lasted through the wedding and the bridal session – even after a full, dance-your-butt-off-sweating-buckets reception!!!

PPS – I am in no way saying that hourly packages don’t work.  They work great for many photographers and wedding couples.  I am saying this is what works for US and OUR couples!  🙂


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