Samantha & Vance Married at Walt Disney World! – October 17, 2016 | Central Florida Wedding Photographers

I met Samantha on the Facebook group, DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary.  I was running a wall this past March for my birthday.  She took advantage of that and booked with us right away.  I knew instantly that I was going to like her!  We set up an in-person meeting for when they were visiting Disney for their planning session.  Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t able to meet that night, because he had a shift at Magic Kingdom.  However, Anthony, their videographer with Aroma Photo Studio, was able to meet with us.  We discussed their day, colors, theme, etc.  I knew this wedding was going to be fun!

The night before the wedding, Steve and I attended their wedding rehearsal.  It was held in a ballroom in the Grand Floridian Convention Center since the Wedding Pavilion was hosting a wedding.  After rehearsal, we all hopped on the monorail and headed to EPCOT for their dessert party and some fireworks…


We ended up staying at Disney’s POP Century the night before the wedding.  It was a good thing we did.  We got to bed around 12:30am and then I was in Samantha’s room around 5:45ish.  Laura from Fairytale Hair and Makeup was already in her room by 3:30am!  So crazy!!!  ***I have to pause to say I have worked with a couple of girls from Fairytale Hair and Makeup.  They have all been so much fun and so professional to work with.  And their work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  It shows that they truly love what they do.***  When I arrived to Samantha’s room, her hair was completely done and her makeup was very close to being finished.

mlv_0495 mlv_0507 mlv_0516 mlv_0590

Samantha, you are absolutely beautiful!

mlv_0582 mlv_0575

Then, Disney Floral & Gifts arrived to drop off bouquets…

mlv_0564mlv_0571 mlv_0520 mlv_0603

Samantha and her girls were done with time to spare, so I headed to Vance’s room, which was just 4 doors down, for some getting ready photos…

mlv_0622 mlv_0624 mlv_0641 mlv_0643 mlv_0657 mlv_0660mlv_0682mlv_0688

We had a couple of photo bombers!


Samantha’s parents watching for the limo from the balcony…

mlv_0701mlv_0707 mlv_0753

All ready and time to head to the Grand Floridian.  I think Eric, in the back wearing sunglasses, looks like Samantha’s own body guard!

mlv_0769 mlv_0800

In the meantime, Steve and Anthony were already at the Grand and waiting to grab some photos there…


Everyone who has ever been to the Grand and has had the pleasure to meet Richard, absolutely loves him!  Steve said he was giving Vance some life advice.  😉


Richard loves to help with the brides.  He is seriously the nicest, sweetest man I have ever met!

mlv_0816 mlv_0821

Samantha & Vance chose to do a first look prior to their ceremony…

smv_2362 mlv_0841 mlv_0846mlv_0886mlv_0908

Steve ran up and down these stairs three different times to get these pictures…  We did some with Sam & Vance and then some with their families and more with just Samantha.  I’m pretty sure Steve got a workout!


Seriously, Sam – GORGEOUS!!!




These two, Sam’s parents, are such wonderful people!  Cheryl walked into Vance’s room while the guys were getting ready.  Karl looked at her and said, “I would marry you all over, again!”  Oh my heart!

mlv_1113 mlv_1151smv_2663 mlv_1166 mlv_1169smv_2687mlv_1183mlv_1193mlv_1203

Renee Silverman with A Lovely Ceremony was Samantha & Vance’s officiant.  It was a very beautiful ceremony!


Who has the rings?  Hom?  No?!  Okay.  Don’t panic…


Thank goodness!  Major Domo had the rings!


There is Renee’s famous magic wand!


Mr. & Mrs!!!

mlv_1317 mlv_1640smv_2996smv_2997 mlv_1612 mlv_1683smv_2862smv_2865

A send off to the reception…


The monorail photobombed!

smv_2889smv_2890mlv_1443 mlv_1707

Finally!  A drink and time to party!

smv_3125 mlv_1734 mlv_1771smv_3184 mlv_1784 mlv_1777mlv_1834smv_3265mlv_1844smv_3273

I think these next two photos are my absolute favorite.  They are amazing!  Steve caught these!


She was so intrigued by the flowers, but she couldn’t reach them…


So Mom brought them down and, of course, they needed a hug!


Samantha & Vance had The. Best. DJ.  EVER!  They had Steve with Event Concepts.  We seriously cannot say enough good things about him and we have seen and worked with MANY DJ’s.  He had everyone involved and on the dance floor.  He directed them in dances and then also had a guys against girls lip synching contest.  The girls won.  Of course!  Steve’s sense of humor kept everyone laughing and the time flew by.  If you’re looking for a DJ, check out Steve.  You can’t go wrong!  HERE is a video taken with my cell phone during the reception.  You can hear Steve at work after the father/daughter dance.

mlv_2073 mlv_2094 mlv_2122smv_3474smv_3490smv_3527 mlv_2377smv_3621mlv_2402mlv_2407mlv_2413mlv_2414smv_3644

The lip synching contest.  “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.  This one they knocked out of the park!

mlv_2541smv_3703mlv_2561smv_3709 mlv_2896smv_3793 mlv_2970

It was an awesome party!  Great people.  A lot of fun!  After the reception, Steve (my Steve, not the DJ!), Anthony and I went to Port Orleans French Quarter and met Samantha & Vance there for their bridal portrait session.  I am so beyond thrilled that they wanted to do this.  We were able to get some great photos.  Anthony was able to get some more video footage.

Oh – and notice Samantha’s hair and makeup.  She needed a slight touchup, but this lasted ALL day, including through the reception and beyond!  That reminds me of Buzz Lightyear – “To the reception!  AND BEYOND!!!”  I crack myself up…


mlv_3044 mlv_3051smv_3880smv_3887smv_3902 mlv_3068 mlv_3121smv_3911

I swear – Sam & Vance were naturals!  We barely had to pose them.  They knew exactly what to do!  I think they are secretly models and don’t want anyone to know…  That’s my story.  I’m sticking to it!

mlv_3144smv_3936smv_3941smv_3943 mlv_3156

When we were done at French Quarter, we drove to Port Orleans Riverside, because Samantha liked how the buildings looked like old southern mansions.  I agree with her.  It’s beautiful and is my favorite resort.  Steve wanted to keep them in the air conditioning as long as possible, so we walked through the resort to head to the giant paddle wheel.  As we were walking, Samantha stopped dead in her tracks!  She told Anthony to back up and grabbed her train from me.  She said, “I think I just saw Rapunzel!”  Knowing that characters are typically not at the resorts and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is in full force, I assumed it was a Guest.  Then I saw the character attendant and knew she had to be right.  I have never seen someone move so fast in a wedding dress!


Rapunzel ~ “Do you know what today is?  IT’S THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!”


When Rapunzel had to leave to check on Pascal, a couple came up to sam & Vance and said, “We don’t even know you and we HAD to take pictures!!!”  🙂  Seeing Rapunzel definitely re-energized all of us! What an amazing moment!

mlv_3241smv_4020 mlv_3270 mlv_3275smv_4049mlv_3310mlv_3328

Another photobomb!  The couple in the carriage were sitting where Sam & Vance met Rapunzel.  They were married two days prior.

smv_4051smv_4055mlv_3338mlv_3345mlv_3396 mlv_3399

Samantha & Vance booked their wedding through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.  Maxine was their planner and did an absolutely fantastic job of keeping everyone organized and running on time.  There are so many moving pieces and parts to a wedding.  Even more with a Disney wedding.  She keeps all of those pieces in place where they need to be.

Samantha & Vance – we would like to sincerely thank you for allowing us to spend your day (and the night before) with you, your family and friends.  All of you were wonderful to work with.  We are so honored you chose us to capture the beginning of your Happily Ever After!  We wish you much luck in the years to come!


A few “behind the scenes” moments…

Do you see this chaos?  Do you remember the pictures above?  With Samantha & Vance on the staircase by themselves?  Yeah…  This is what it looked like behind me and Anthony – and “under” Steve since he was on the floor above pointing the camera down for the picture…  He took this as he was coming back down the steps…


Steve and Anthony at the reception having a chat.  I like to think they are brainstorming to solve world problems…


DisBrides!!!  I got to work with Chrissie (who also had Maxine as her planner) when I was on the other side…


Anthony showing Vance a quick peek at their video…


Last picture of the day taken by Anthony and his cell phone.  I seriously could not have asked for a better day.  Perfect weather.  Perfect clients.  Perfect family and friends.  Perfect vendor partners.  We are truly blessed…



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