Taylore & Jesse Say, “I Do!!” at The Barn at Glistening Pond ~ August 27, 2016 | Falls, PA Wedding Photographers

I apologize in advance.  This post is going to be long and very picture heavy!  I have been waiting to write this post for several years.  I have known Taylore and her family for MANY years.  In fact, my mother made all of the bouquets and flowers for Taylore’s parents’ wedding.  I started taking pictures of Taylore when she was cheering for Canton High School.


I was then asked to take her senior photos.  It was shortly after when she started talking to me about photographing her wedding.  She was not even engaged yet and knew she wanted to get through college.  But we dreamed!


And then?  It happened!  Taylore had contacted me to photograph her family in Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  Little did she know, her mother and Jesse contacted me shortly after they found out she had scheduled a session.  They changed the session into a proposal!  We had it planned for a couple of months.  Taylore had no idea!  Steve and I were so excited to be able to capture this for them!  Hey, Jesse – how is that smudge on your glasses???  😉


The day after, we got together at Port Orleans Riverside and took their engagement photos.


Then, after what seemed like an eternity, it was the big day!!  We started with breakfast in the hotel lobby.  We headed to Wilkes Barre to have hair and makeup done at Union + Main.  The ladies here are super sweet and do amazing work!

Some mimosas to start the day…

MLV_30951 MLV_31121 MLV_31351 MLV_31391 MLV_31551

In the meantime, Steve was hanging out with Jesse and the guys at the hotel…


We hopped over to Taylore’s college (which she graduated from with her Master’s of Physician Assistant the week prior – her original wedding date).  This was right across the street from the salon.  Very convenient!

MLV_31681 MLV_31741 MLV_31761SMV_58151SMV_58371

The ceremony and reception were held at The Barn at Glistening Pond in Falls, Pennsylvania.  This property is absolutely beautiful.  And the owners are super nice.

SMV_56031 MLV_31861 MLV_31921 MLV_32131

All floral was created by Hometown Floral & Gifts in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  This is the third wedding I have photographed who used Hometown Floral.  Their work is always stunning!

MLV_32221 MLV_32321 MLV_32371

While I was working with Disney, I bought some pearl and crystal Mickey heads to send to Taylore.  She had them added to her bouquet for her hidden Mickeys.  🙂


More important than her hidden Mickeys was the locket with a picture of Taylore’s grandmother.  This was attached to her bouquet with a small angel.  She was with Taylore all day.

MLV_32461 MLV_32591 MLV_32691 MLV_32771 MLV_32811SMV_58711SMV_58841SMV_59041

The night before the wedding, Taylore & Jesse decided to do a first look before their ceremony.  Jodie & Rich – Taylore’s parents – walked her down the hill and watched as she went to meet her groom…

MLV_33161 MLV_33201 MLV_33261

Jesse was so tense until he heard Taylore behind him.  We could see him completely relax once he knew she was there…

SMV_61481 MLV_33271

Look at the relief…

SMV_61531 MLV_33311 MLV_33331 MLV_33371SMV_61611SMV_61621SMV_61651

Showing Jesse the hidden Mickeys…

MLV_33511SMV_62381 MLV_33571 MLV_33641SMV_62421

Taylore’s nephew, Hoyt.  He is absolutely adorable!


Hoyt and his Mama, Abbie, Taylore’s beautiful sister…


Between editing, posting this on Facebook and Instagram and sharing it, I have seen this picture several times.  It still blows me away!  Steve captured this perfectly!  Taylore was in the middle of walking and talking to me.  He said he just *knew* he was going to capture something.  He certainly did!  Taylore – you are stunning!

SMV_63631 MLV_35051 MLV_35361 MLV_35411 MLV_35521 MLV_35551 MLV_35591 MLV_36291 MLV_36331 MLV_36391 MLV_36501 MLV_36671 MLV_36731SMV_65861 MLV_36861SMV_66361 MLV_37381

Just married!!!  MR. & MRS. CHESLA!!!!!


Time to party!!!


Taylore & Jesse’s cake and cupcakes were soooo good!  They were made by EduCakes


They had Disney touches all over…


Look at this space!!!  It’s perfect!

SMV_66881 MLV_38351 MLV_38381 MLV_38561 MLV_38891

Relaxing for a minute before the reception…

MLV_38931SMV_67731SMV_67871 MLV_39581

Taylore showing her grandfather the picture of his wife on her bouquet…

MLV_39831 MLV_39891 MLV_39981 MLV_40001

Okay – I need to apologize, again…  I am sorry for the amount of these hay bale pictures.  We had so much fun taking these pictures…..

MLV_41071SMV_68931MLV_41161 MLV_41201SMV_69051SMV_69261 MLV_41401 MLV_41481 MLV_41541SMV_69321

Steve suggested the guys hold the bouquets.  I suggested the girls hold the guys’ beer.  I promised they would get them back.  I was wrong…  😉

MLV_41681SMV_69431 MLV_41791 MLV_41891 MLV_41981

This was Taylore’s idea.  She told me about it at the rehearsal.  I LOOOOOVE how this turned out…

MLV_42261 MLV_42311SMV_69941

This was very impromptu.  Again, I really like how it turned out.  I really appreciate it when we are trusted to try something new…

MLV_42491 MLV_42521 MLV_42611 MLV_47021

We had to do more.  The lighting was gorgeous!

SMV_73241 MLV_47261 MLV_47371SMV_73301SMV_73651SMV_74211 MLV_48051SMV_73811SMV_73821SMV_74031 MLV_48291SMV_74361SMV_74381

Back to the party!

MLV_49921 MLV_50171 MLV_50741 MLV_50821SMV_76091SMV_76191SMV_76331 MLV_51911 MLV_52731 MLV_52861SMV_76841SMV_77221 MLV_53231 MLV_53261 MLV_53281 MLV_53761

Ceremony & Reception – The Barn at Glistening Pond
Minister – Reverend Tom Blackhall
Hair & Makeup – Union + Main Hair Designs
Floral – Hometown Floral & Gifts
Cake & Cupcakes – EduCakes
DJ – Sounds By Shane
Taylore’s Dress – Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Collection Cinderella Style 205
Jesse’s Suit – Michael Kors Eternity 201
Bridesmaids Dresses – Alfred Angelo’s Sapphire Collection Style 8110S

Taylore & Jesse – Thank you SO MUCH for asking us to capture your wedding day!  We are so honored to be such an important part of your happily ever after.  I cried during the father/daughter dance – specifically during the part that said “she came home with a ring on her finger”.  😉  I am excited to see what the future has in store for you.  We are looking forward to seeing you, again, for your bridal session.  We love you both to the moon and back!



5 thoughts on “Taylore & Jesse Say, “I Do!!” at The Barn at Glistening Pond ~ August 27, 2016 | Falls, PA Wedding Photographers

  1. it’s so neat that you have been able to follow this young lady for so long! I bet you really enjoy being a destination photographer but working close to home is nice sometimes too 😉

  2. What fun and beautiful photos! A friend is looking for a destination wedding photographer. I’m giving them your contact information!

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