Katie & Dominick ~ Magic Kingdom Engagement Session | Central Florida Engagement Photographers

I met Katie on, can you say it with me?  DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary!!!  I swear, I absolutely LOVE that board and all of the girls on there!  If you are in the process of getting married, RUN to the board and join!  They are the most helpful and supportive girls I have ever met!

Meeting Katie & Dominick was like getting together with old friends.  They were so easy to work with.  Katie is probably one of the bubbliest people I have ever met!  She told me she had eaten a cake pop for breakfast, but I seriously think she is always that happy!  I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about them.  🙂

MLV_18231 MLV_18881SMV_43331 MLV_19241SMV_43931

Just LOOK at Katie’s eyelashes!  Are you kidding me?!?!

SMV_43961SMV_44141SMV_44191SMV_44441 2 MLV_19751

So much fun!  This was one of Katie’s musts.  Definitely had to ride Dumbo!

MLV_19941 MLV_19981 MLV_20051SMV_44751 MLV_20371SMV_44881

Ummmm….HAND PAINTED SHOES!!!  These were awesome!  And so much detail!  You, too, can have your very own custom, hand painted shoes.  Check out Laura Rifkin.  She is Pixie’s Tiny Things on Facebook and Instagram.

SMV_45101 MLV_20581 MLV_20911SMV_45191SMV_45491

I love this angle that Steve captured!

SMV_45581SMV_45791 MLV_21631 MLV_21831SMV_45891SMV_45951 MLV_22111 MLV_22231 MLV_22481SMV_46411 MLV_22611

Once again, it was so warm this day.  Katie’s ring started singling into the FROZEN chocolate!  Oh – can you see her hidden Mickey?  Dominick designed her ring.  Very cool!

MLV_22801 MLV_22931

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel was Dominick’s must ride.  It was originally from his hometown.  We were able to secure Cinderella and Prince Charming’s horses for them to ride thanks to a wonderful Cast Member and Grace.  🙂

MLV_23061SMV_46861SMV_46931 MLV_23141SMV_47011 MLV_23631 MLV_23691SMV_47531SMV_47591 MLV_24191

One thing we have never done is ride the paddle boat for a session.  Katie & Dominick were all for doing something different.  We are very happy with how these turned out.

SMV_47851SMV_48071 MLV_24831SMV_48281 MLV_24921 MLV_24991 MLV_25511 MLV_25561 MLV_25761SMV_49131

Katie – you are seriously beautiful!  You are going to be a GORGEOUS bride!


Katie & Dominick – I want to thank you, again, for choosing us to capture your engagement session.  We really had such a good time.  we wish you the best of luck in all the future has in store for you!


A quick selfie (taken by Katie) before we ended.  🙂



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