Courtney & Jacob Say “I Do!” in The Secret Gardens August 1, 2016 | Bodega Bay, CA Wedding Photographers

I met Courtney on the Facebook group Disbrides on Disney Brides Diary where Steve and I are a preferred photography vendor.  I cannot say enough good things about this group.  So many brides all over the country and the world, planning their weddings. They all come together and help each other the best they can.  They are a huge support system and source of information.

Courtney had posted on the board that she was looking for a photographer.  I responded, we spoke on the phone and she asked us to fly from Florida to her wedding in California!  Of course, we said yes and started planning.  It was our very first trip to California (a personal post documenting our trip will eventually follow when I have a few “spare” minutes).

The morning of the wedding, we met Courtney, her mother and her girls at the Dolce Vita Salon.  It is a very nice salon – nicely decorated and comfortable.  The girls were very professional and easy to talk to and work with.  I have seen many brides and bridesmaids get ready.  It can take HOURS.  The girls at this salon were very quick.  The job they did on hair and makeup was beautiful!  I highly recommend them.

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Courtney & Jacob’s theme was Lord of the Rings with comics in the mix.  They chose to get married at The Secret Gardens in Bodega Bay, California.  This location is absolutely beautiful.  So secluded and in the middle of Redwood trees.  The high for the day was about 58 degrees.  It was perfect!


Courtney’s bouquet was made of sheet music from Lord of the Rings.  The girls’ wrist corsages were Bat Girl comics.  The guys’ boutonnieres were also made of paper.


Group hug to try to work out some of the emotions!


In the meantime…


Courtney – You are absolutely beautiful!


Courtney’s father carried the staff of Gandalf.


Time to get started…


I seriously cannot get over how beautiful this location is…


Courtney & Jacob chose to do a sand ceremony…


It’s official!  They are married!


As soon as the ceremony was over, Courtney & Jacob made their way to the “Birdsnest” for a few minutes to themselves…


All of the bridal party wore Converse!  Are you kidding me?!  How cool is that?!?!


Normally, before a wedding, Steve and I take the rings to get photos of them – in the bouquet, on a flower, on a twig, etc.  However, Courtney had not seen her wedding ring until Jacob put it on her finger during their exchange of rings.  I did not have the heart to ask her to take it off (I typically do not ask a bride and groom to remove their rings after their ceremony).  Jacob did a great job!


Bat Girl & Flash!


I know I said it the day of, but I love the attitude, Courtney!


Time for the reception.  I love the favors…


Time to party!!


Seriously…  Can you be any more beautiful?!


At the end of the evening, Courtney’s father handed over the responsibility of the staff to Jacob…


One last dance…


Courtney & Jacob – Thank you SO MUCH for asking us to join you as you begin your happily ever after!  We were so honored to spend the day with you and your friends and family.  We truly felt as if we were spending the day with long time friends.  Thank you for being so welcoming.  You are all wonderful, warm, caring people.  Enjoy every second of your honeymoon in Lake Tahoe. We wish you all of the love and luck in the years to come.


Some behind the scenes…..



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