Audrina & Tylor Say, “I Do!” – Butterfly Rainforest June 12, 2016 | Gainesville, FL Wedding Photographers

Steve and I met Audrina & Tylor at a bridal show in Gainesville this past January.  They called after the expo to set up a meeting to discuss photography.  We met, chatted and they chose us for their wedding!  We photographed their engagement session in February.  You can see that session HERE.

We arrived at the hotel the morning of the wedding.  Steve dropped me off to spend the day with Audrina and her girls while Steve headed to their apartment with Tylor.

MLV_6775 MLV_6777 MLV_6782SMV_9895 MLV_6885

All of the girls’ hair and makeup was done by family and friends…

MLV_6900 MLV_6909SMV_9852 MLV_6938SMV_0031 MLV_6966SMV_9987

Audrina – you are BEAUTIFUL!!


Audrina & Tylor chose to do a first look with their parents and bridal party watching….


Before the ceremony, we had approximately 15 minutes to grab some photos.  We had a storm rolling in and it was not happy…

SMV_0135 MLV_7035SMV_0145SMV_0152 MLV_7046SMV_0208 MLV_7095 MLV_7113

Seriously – beautiful!  I picked on Audrina and told her I was so happy that she chose to carry a Penn State bouquet in Gator country!  🙂

MLV_7118SMV_0231 MLV_7149

With thunder and lightning bouncing around, it was time to make our way back inside.


I LOVE this frog wall!

SMV_0286MLV_7181SMV_0337 MLV_7254

This location was absolutely gorgeous!  So many butterflies fluttering around.  I do think they were shy, though, because they didn’t come near the cameras.  We were warned before entering to be very careful where we stepped.  They like to land on the walkways.  We saw that during rehearsal the night before but not so much on wedding day.

MLV_7276 MLV_7281SMV_0354SMV_0363 MLV_7298

Due to policies of the Rainforest, Audrina & Tylor each had a real flower bouquet and boutonniere and a duplicate in silk.  They were not allowed to bring in real flowers.

MLV_7315 MLV_7332SMV_0378 MLV_7356SMV_0413

MR. & MRS!!!

MLV_7378 MLV_7405SMV_0441SMV_0458 MLV_7420 MLV_7450SMV_0465SMV_0496SMV_0498SMV_0507

This group was SO MUCH fun!!  They were serious when needed and let loose when not.  I love how they were themselves, loved their friends and had a great time!


This was taken at the request of Tylor’s mother.  She and the best man had matching hairstyles!!!  🙂

MLV_7477 MLV_7511 MLV_7521MLV_8073

How many people can say they had a MAMMOTH at their reception?!  So cool!

MLV_7171 MLV_7548 MLV_7550SMV_0608SMV_0625 MLV_7577 MLV_7584 MLV_7614 MLV_7623 MLV_7665 MLV_7667MLV_7971 MLV_7669

Audrina danced with her brother while Tylor danced with his mom…

MLV_7688 MLV_7698

And then Audrina’s mom jumped in.  🙂




Audrina & Tylor wanted some photos around the museum with some of the exhibits.  Ummmm…YES!!!  How many times can you have a museum to yourselves?

MLV_7813 MLV_7825

ROCK ON!!  Get it?  Fossils?  Rock on…  Ehem…

MLV_7860 MLV_8001SMV_0951SMV_0955SMV_0967

The mammoth tusks create a heart.  How cool – and romantic – is that?!



SMV_1041SMV_1044 MLV_8089SMV_1052-2SMV_1075 MLV_8117

Ceremony Location – Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly Rainforest
Reception Location – Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly Rainforest
Officiant – The Wedding Cycle
Dress – The Wedding Cycle
Florist – Prange’s Florist
Cake – Sugar Refined
DJ – Wayne’s World Entertainment


Audrina & Tylor – thank you, again, SO MUCH for allowing us to spend your day with you and your friends and families.  All of you are such kind, wonderful people.  We were honored to be there to capture your memories for you.  We wish you all of the best in your future.  Have a great time on your honeymoon in Disney World!


Behind the scenes…..

The men in black –



3 thoughts on “Audrina & Tylor Say, “I Do!” – Butterfly Rainforest June 12, 2016 | Gainesville, FL Wedding Photographers

  1. Michelle and Steve, you did an amazing job! The wedding was beautiful and so are your photos. Thank you for all you did! We had a blast.

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