Katie & Kevin – Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement – Chicago, IL Engagement Photographers

I met Katie on the DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary Facebook group.  Steve, Grace and I had plans to take vacation in Chicago and to see a couple of Cubs’ games.  I posted in the group that we would be there and asked if anyone was interested in a session while we were there.  Katie was up for it!  She and Kevin decided to have their photos taken at the Lincoln Park Zoo in the morning.  We arrived before it was technically open, so we had most of the zoo to ourselves.

**I also want to quickly mention that Katie & Kevin own a pet store in Chicago.  So, if you are ever in need for quality pet food or supplies, head to see them at Parker’s.**

It was an absolutely beautiful day, but it was so chilly!  Katie was a trooper!  She had goosebumps on her arms but kept going.  We all kept asking her if she was warm enough and she said she was.  I was enjoying the cool air after the crazy warm temperatures in Florida, but even I was chilly.   Of course, when we lived in Chicago, I would have done the same thing.  🙂


The flowers and trees were so pretty!  A perfect May Chicago day!


We had the Large Cat house to ourselves.  The lion decided he had something to say and started getting noisy.  This gives me goosebumps.  He is so loud!  I can only imagine what it would be like hearing this on the Savannah.

MLV_4206SMV_6932 MLV_4263SMV_6972

Kevin designed Katie’s ring.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!


I absolutely LOVE the Chicago downtown skyline!  One of my favorite sights…


We hopped over to the Farm in the Zoo.

SMV_7032 MLV_4358

There was a wedding happening at this building.  What a beautiful day for it.


I tell people all of the time how beautiful and GREEN Chicago is.  If they have never been, they don’t believe me.  Just look at this!  It’s GORGEOUS!!!

MLV_4448SMV_7116SMV_7105 MLV_4487SMV_7143

The zoo has a carousel.  It was a MUST do!

MLV_4517 MLV_4522 MLV_4676

Katie & Kevin – thank you SO much for allowing Steve and me to spend a few hours with you and capture some photos.  We had a great time!  You are an amazing couple!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  We wish you much love and happiness in your lives.  We look forward to seeing you, again, in September after your Disney wedding!


A few behind the scenes…



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