Amanda & Louis – Magic Kingdom Engagement | Orlando, FL Engagement Photographers

Once again, I met Amanda on the DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary Facebook page.  Amanda contacted me last minute to do a session.  We happened to already have Parker’s session scheduled and would be in the area, so we were very happy to schedule Amanda & Louis’ session, too.

The day was extremely hot and humid.  And, to top it off, the park was PACKED!!  We did our best to find out of the way nooks.  Most of our normal spots were busy, but we were patient and it paid off…

MLV_6151SMV_8822 MLV_6168

Thankfully, Amanda and Louis came prepared with sunglasses.  It was a very bright day.

MLV_6181SMV_8855 MLV_6199

Amanda – you are absolutely beautiful!!

MLV_6217SMV_8869 MLV_6225SMV_8900

We were lucky to get this photo with as crowded as the park was.  Surprisingly, this area was fairly clear.  We had to wait a couple of minutes for two little boys and their family, but it was worth the wait…

MLV_6238 MLV_6271SMV_8940

Amanda loves Liberty Square, so a stop there was a must…

MLV_6279SMV_8952SMV_9007 MLV_6369

They are going to have Rapunzel touches in their wedding, so the lanterns were checked off…

MLV_6404 MLV_6439

I spy a hidden Mickey…  😉

SMV_9125 MLV_6454SMV_9147

I really like this picture.  I should have taken another after Amanda picked up her ring.  It was so warm, it left a melted imprint in the chocolate.

MLV_6474 MLV_6481

This pose was Louis’ idea.  I love it!

MLV_6529SMV_9219 MLV_6557SMV_9252

“Okay – dip her, but don’t hit her head on the bench!”

MLV_6566 MLV_6570SMV_9278

The matching Converse were such a cute idea…


Seriously – MAJOR troopers!  The weather was miserable.  The ground was blistering hot.  But, Amanda and Louis look like they are just chilling…  🙂


Amanda & Louis – Thank you for contacting us to capture your engagement session photos!  We really enjoyed spending the day with you.  Also, thank you for powering through even thought the weather could have made us all melt!  Steve and i wish you all the best on your upcoming wedding.  Enjoy the planning process.  It goes by so fast…


Behind the scenes…



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