Strickland Family – First Disney Visit – Orlando, FL Photographers

I met Jessica on the Disbrides on Disney Brides Diary Facebook page.  She and her husband, Eric, were coming to Disney for their 10th anniversary and having a vow renewal.  This was their children’s very first visit to Disney World!  Jessica contacted me about having Steve and me follow them around Magic Kingdom on their first day to document their trip.  Eric’s parents, Ken and Cindy, joined us, too.  Halfway through the day, they had asked us to join them, again, a few days later.  We had a great time with them.  They have an amazing family!  Tyler, Ryan and Britney are such good kids.  Super sweet and very well behaved!  It was hard to say goodbye on the second day…

MLV_0558 MLV_0568

Seeing Cinderella Castle for the very first time!

MLV_0583 MLV_0590 MLV_0596

Going to ride Prince Charming’s Carrousel!

SMV_3043 MLV_0612 MLV_0616 MLV_0619 MLV_0631 MLV_0637

Time to meet Belle in her library!

SMV_3084 MLV_0668SMV_3159SMV_3186

I happen to be friends with Daneilla who is VERY good friends with Belle.  She asked us to stay behind for a couple of minutes so we could have a couple of pictures taken with Belle.  This was such a magical moment for everyone!

SMV_3203SMV_3209 MLV_0746

Time for ice cream!!!

MLV_0772SMV_3249 MLV_0791 MLV_0796SMV_3309SMV_3332 MLV_0868

Jessica – you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

MLV_0903SMV_3406 MLV_1000

Watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade…

MLV_1013 MLV_1122SMV_3470 MLV_1138

Day 2…  We started the day by visiting Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Then, it was another trip on Prince Charming’s Carrousel.  Britney rode Cinderella’s horse!

MLV_1216 MLV_1244 MLV_1272 MLV_1330

Woody and Jessie were a must see!

SMV_3838MLV_1360SMV_3883SMV_3887SMV_3895 MLV_1403 MLV_1418 MLV_1428SMV_3985 MLV_1465 MLV_1485 MLV_1494 MLV_1531 MLV_1547

Jessica and Eric – you may have a couple of budding photographers on your hands!  Next 2 photos taken by Tyler…

MLV_1563 MLV_1565

And Ryan tried his hand at photography, too…

MLV_1566 MLV_1581 MLV_1586 MLV_1604 MLV_1621 MLV_1637 MLV_1643 MLV_1659 MLV_1688 MLV_1691SMV_4168

Jessica & Eric – thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to spend a couple of days with your family.  Steve and I were so honored you chose us to capture some of your memories.  Your family is amazing and your children are so well behaved.  We enjoyed watching their expressions as they saw new things for the first time.  It is always so magical seeing the park through the eyes of a child on their first trip.

“Behind” the scenes…



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