Williams Family ~ Gainesville, FL Family Photographers

Elisabeth found and contacted me through Facebook to schedule a family session.  She, along with her two sisters, brother, their spouses and children were all visiting their mother for Easter weekend.  Steve and I were very happy to capture some memories for them.  They are a fantastic family – so much fun, very relaxed and down to Earth.  We had a great time!

MLV_9568SMV_2343SMV_2352 MLV_9590 MLV_9657 MLV_9677 MLV_9689SMV_2433SMV_2455 MLV_9715 MLV_9744 MLV_9748 MLV_9763 MLV_9770 MLV_9791 MLV_9817 MLV_9847

The youngest sister and her three very protective brothers!

MLV_9863 MLV_9870 MLV_9876 MLV_9888 MLV_9934MLV_0009

They took his bottle away from him…  I would be angry, too!





There was so much laughing – and some outtakes!

MLV_0201 MLV_0286 MLV_0331 MLV_0426 MLV_9830 MLV_9969

She was standing in front of them, flashing them by lifting her dress!!!  😀

MLV_9977 MLV_9997 SMV_2440 SMV_2502 SMV_2531 SMV_2548 SMV_2603 SMV_2848

Williams Family – Steve and I had a great time!  We absolutely loved working with all of you!  Thank you for dealing with the humidity (thank goodness it didn’t rain) and thank you for feeling comfortable enough to…ummmm…well…”bare it all”!!  🙂  You are an amazing family!  Happy Easter!



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