Lindsey & Robert Say “I Do!” at Walt Disney World ~ February 19, 2016 ~ Orlando, FL Wedding Photographers

I met Lindsey through a Facebook group – DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary.  They are amazing and you can find them here! The one common factor is Disney – some are getting married there, some are getting married at home with Disney inspiration, some get married on the cruise ships and others just love Disney!  No matter what kind of wedding is being planned, all of the girls on the board are extremely supportive and will help answer any questions.  Lindsey was in the first group, getting married at Walt Disney World.  Steve and I were excited!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding.  Beautiful blue skies, breezy and the temperature was perfect.  Lindsey, Robert and her family got ready at the Grand Floridian.  It was very cozy!  Lindsey started with the girls from Fairytale Hair and Makeup to help her get ready…


MLV_6290SMV_8815SMV_8911 MLV_6315

YES!!  Lindsey had Tsum Tsum’s in her bouquet!!!  Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella’s Mice and Olaf for her son, Landon.  He loves Olaf!


Look.  At.  Those.  Shoes!!!!!!!  Can you believe them???  Sooo many people stopped Lindsey the entire day to take pictures of her bouquet and shoes.  🙂


I think this is the cutest thing ever!  Lindsey’s mom gave Landon a bath in the sink while Robert also got ready for the wedding.  Robert then left so Lindsey could get ready.

MLV_6366 MLV_6370 MLV_6399 MLV_6429

Lindsey had a first look with her parents.  She was standing at the railing of the second floor with her parents downstairs.

MLV_6440SMV_8939 MLV_6463SMV_8958SMV_8956 MLV_6484 MLV_6537SMV_8995

Two of the many Cast Members who had to see her shoes.  🙂


Lindsey and Robert also did a first look with Landon.  As we were doing the first look, Lindsey started down the staircase as Robert waited at the bottom.  Next thing I know, Lindsey is going in the OPPOSITE direction.  Then, I see why.  Richard had arrived!  After a hug with Richard, the first look could continue.  🙂

SMV_9027Untitled-1SMV_9053SMV_9098 MLV_6606 MLV_6613 MLV_6622 MLV_6671 MLV_6776SMV_9243

Lindsey and Robert chose to not have a bridal party.  However, Lindsey had two honorary bridesmaids who were by her side the entire day.  Steaming her dress, getting food for her…anything she needed, they were there.

SMV_9266SMV_9294SMV_9305 MLV_6856 MLV_6863SMV_9339SMV_9366 MLV_6917MLV_69300

Lindsey was picked up by Cinderella’s Coach.  Look at those ponies!

MLV_6958 MLV_6966 MLV_6973 MLV_6998

The Coach transported Lindsey and her parents to the Wedding Pavilion.

MLV_7008 MLV_7023 MLV_7061SMV_9400SMV_9414


SMV_9412SMV_9456 MLV_7102SMV_9474SMV_9475SMV_9476MLV_7120SMV_9518

The new Mr. & Mrs!

MLV_7172MLV_7414 MLV_7191 MLV_7207 MLV_7237SMV_9591

After a shower of bubbles, the carriage took Lindsey & Robert for a short ride and then back for more photos.  Their Guests all boarded a motor coach to be taken to EPCOT for the reception.

SMV_9610SMV_9617 MLV_7260 MLV_7266MLV_7533SMV_9641SMV_9832 MLV_7350

They are so in love!

MLV_7354 MLV_7361

Look at that picture perfect sky!  It could not have been more perfect!


Their reception was at The Living Seas in EPCOT.  They had huge windows throughout the reception space that looked into the aquarium.  There were many sting rays and fish swimming around.  We also saw a huge sea turtle and some sharks.  A huge ray decided to come and watch Lindsey & Robert’s first dance.


What is better than one wedding cake?  FIVE wedding cakes!  They were GORGEOUS!!  Disney really knows how to do it right.  The cakes represented five Princesses – Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora and Belle.


During the reception, a group of AMAZING ladies from the DisBrides group showed up as a surprise.  They were all there for the Disney marathon – either as runners or supporters. Lindsey was planning to run the next morning!!  These ladies are such awesome people and so nice to surpise Lindsey.


There were also quite a few divers throughout the reception.  EPCOT has a program that if you are SCUBA certified, you can swim with guides.  They came up to the windows a few times to congratulate Lindsey & Robert.


Landon – along with all of the Guests – really enjoyed watching the fish.  It kept him busy most of the night.


One of the surprises for Lindsey & Robert’s Guests was a caricature artist.  The Guests enjoyed this and were able to take a souvenir home with them.


A couple more surprises for the Guests!

SMV_0286 MLV_7803 MLV_8016 MLV_8019MLV_7839

As we were leaving, Lindsey & Robert asked for a photo in front of the sign for Nemo.  As we were photographing, Robert leaned in for a kiss.  When he did, the seagulls behind him started shouting, “MINE!  MINE! MINE!!”  It was perfect!

MLV_8104 MLV_8106

Next stop for the night was France for their dessert party.  A quick stop in the United Kingdom for a photo first.  Perfect since Robert is from England (and was in the British Royal Air Force).


Walking through to their dessert party, they received so many congratulations.  one random lady even came over and gave Lindsey a huge hug!

SMV_0444 MLV_8117 MLV_8121

The dessert party spot…

MLV_8130SMV_0468SMV_0534 MLV_8192 MLV_8197SMV_0559 MLV_8216

A very quick stop and photo with the Eiffel Tower before heading to the last surprise of the night!


Lindsey & Robert surprised their Guests with a private ride of Test Track.  They were so nice and asked us to join them.  Steve and I rode with Robert’s parents.  It was their first time to ride.  It was so much fun.  Robert’s mother laughed through the entire ride.  I love that they had such a good time!

MLV_8257 MLV_8278 MLV_8280SMV_0665 MLV_8291 MLV_8295MLV_8099

Lindsey & Robert – thank you SO much for allowing Steve and me to spend your day with you.  We had an amazing time with you and your friends and families.  We are so honored to have been allowed to capture the memories to the beginning of your new life.  I really can’t say thank you enough.  It was truly magical.  The entire day.  You are both amazing people.  Your son is so well behaved.  We wish you all the best for your futures.



Booked Through:  Disney Fairytale Weddings
Getting Ready Location:  Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
Ceremony Venue:  Disney’s Wedding Pavilion
Reception Venue:  The Living Seas at EPCOT
Dessert Party Location:  France Pavilion at EPCOT
Ride Mix-In:  Test Track at EPCOT
Hair & Makeup:  Fairytale Hair and Makeup
Lindsey’s Shoes:  Etsy
Lindsey’s Bouquet:  Made by her mother
Planning Board:  DisBrides on Disney Brides Diary


Cinderella’s Carriage
Mickey & Pluto
Caricature Artist
Private Test Track Ride


A few behind the scenes…

At one point, Landon and Steve were the only two males in the room full of women.  Landon was thankful to find a friend!  🙂


Always with my mouth open.  Sheesh!


It was an amazing day followed by an incredible night.  Thank you, again!




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