Audrina & Tylor ~ She Said YES!! ~ University of Florida ~ Gainesville, FL Photographers

Steve and I met Audrina and Tylor at the Love Story Bridal Expo in Gainesville, Florida.  Such a quiet, sweet couple.  We met about a week after the expo to discuss their wedding and photography for their big day.  Steve and I are so honored they chose us to capture the beginning of their new life together and are really looking forward to their wedding day.

For their engagement session, they chose the Harn Museum of Art on the University of Florida Campus.

MLV_6162MLV_5473 MLV_5477 MLV_5489 MLV_5493 MLV_5529 MLV_5543 MLV_5592 MLV_5604 MLV_5612 MLV_5646 MLV_5657 MLV_5681

Tylor proposed to Audrina in the Butterfly Rainforest also on the U of F campus.  This is where they will be getting married and starting their life together in June!  A wedding AND butterflies???  How awesome is that?!?!


This huge oak tree was the one spot they wanted.  I can see why.  It is absolutely gorgeous and makes a great backdrop.  This is going to be amazing on their wedding day!

PS – While we were at this location, there was a gentleman following us around the tree taking pictures (or video?) of us with his phone.  So strange!  😉

MLV_5696 MLV_5711 MLV_5727 MLV_5744 MLV_5757 MLV_5770 MLV_5806

This is the result of my attempt at one of my very horrible jokes.  🙂


MLV_5845 MLV_5885 MLV_5926

I can’t take credit for this pose – this is allllll Steve!  But this is my picture.  As of this post, I don’t have Steve’s pictures loaded to my computer yet.  So, perhaps a second blog for this awesome couple?  🙂

MLV_5939 MLV_5959 MLV_5977 MLV_6093

Once again, one of my lame jokes – “Q:  What do you call a cow with no legs?  A:  Ground beef!”  Thanks to MANY hours spent on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom and the Disney Dapper Dans for that one (and a couple of others).  🙂

MLV_6130 MLV_6156

Audrina & Tylor – We are SO excited for your upcoming wedding!  Thank you, again, for trusting us to capture your day for you.  June will be here before you know it – we need to find some new jokes!  🙂


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