Taylore & Jesse – She Said YES at Magic Kingdom!!! ~ Orlando, FL & Pennsylvania Engagement Photographers

My goodness – this post makes me sooooo happy!  And I am so exited to share!  I have known Taylore since she was a baby.  Her mother, Jodie, and I used to work together.  My mother created the floral for Jodie’s wedding.  🙂  I have taken photos of Taylore on a couple of occasions – cheerleading and senior portraits.  She is so happy, bubbly and a beautiful person, inside and out!

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I was BEYOND thrilled and honored when Jodie and Taylore’s then boyfriend, Jesse, contacted me to be there when Jesse proposed!  Taylore had originally contacted me and said her family would be coming to Orlando for vacation.  She wanted family portraits.  Perfect excuse for me to be there and not raise suspicion!  (And we got lucky that Steve was able to join us, too!)  We set up a time and place to meet.  Jesse and I devised a plan and had a “code phrase” for when he would propose.  He completely caught her off guard!

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I love this picture of three generations of hands and rings…


While they were still in Orlando, we took advantage and grabbed some engagement photos.  We did them quickly, because we were racing against the sun deciding to go to sleep for the evening.  We had an awesome time and it went by way too fast.

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Steve and I will be traveling to Pennsylvania in August for their upcoming wedding.  I certainly do not want to rush time, but I seriously cannot wait for August to get here.  I am so super excited to be there to capture their wedding day and be a part of the start of their new life together.  Taylore & Jesse – Steve and I absolutely love and adore you and cannot wait for your wedding day!


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