Welcome to the World, Baby Evan!

~ Evan Parker ~ Sunday, August 24, 2014 ~

5:38pm ~ 7 pounds 3 ounces ~ 21 1/2 inches long

absolutely perfect…

This post is so different than anything I have done before.  I am so honored beyond words to have been allowed into this special family’s very private and personal moment.  I was witness to the most amazing miracle – the birth of my friends’ baby.

I met Eddie at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom in June, 2012.  We were both working as PhotoPass Photographers.  I met Eddie’s wife, Rebecca, at Samantha & Robert’s wedding.  She was the matron of honor.  I immediately fell in love with both of them.  They have an older, beautiful son, Liam.  I have always wanted to photograph a birth.  Eddie and Rebecca had a date for induction – and I am on vacation!  It was perfect.  So, I contacted them with the idea. They loved it and jumped at it.  The whole experience was absolutely amazing.

Rebecca was induced early in the morning.  I arrived around 9:30am.  She was already at 4cm and 80% effaced.  Things were progressing nicely.  In the early afternoon, Rebecca’s Pitocin was increased and they broke her water.  Thirty minutes later, she was asking for an Epidural, because the contractions were so strong.  Once her Epidural was in, Eddie and I went to grab some lunch while Rebecca tried to grab a nap.  Around 3:30pm, she said she was having a lot of pressure.  We called the nurse who came to check her.  She was 8cm!  An hour later, she said she was having even more pressure.  The nurse checked, again, and she was ready to push!!

After about an hour of pushing, Evan Parker was born at 5:38pm.  He came out screaming!  He was wide awake and absolutely perfect.  Once he was checked over, wrapped up and had his first bottle, he was the most content little guy.  I was allowed to hold him and was in heaven.  🙂  Again, a huge thank you to Eddie and Rebecca!  I really appreciate you allowing me to spend the day with you and seeing your little guy enter this world.  What a miracle.  Welcome to the world, Evan!

MLV_3749 copy

MLV_3771 copy

MLV_3775 copy

MLV_3780 copy

MLV_3786 copy

MLV_3790 copy

MLV_3794 copy

MLV_3814 copy

MLV_3815 copy

MLV_3821 copy

MLV_3830 copy

MLV_3833 copy

MLV_3835 copy

MLV_3836 copy

MLV_3845 copy

MLV_3847 copy

MLV_3853 copy

MLV_3858 copy

MLV_3861 copy


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